Pop Lighters with Rhinoceros 1.1 & POV-Ray 3.1
I have just purchased and evaluated Rhinoceros 1.1 to educate my students for 3D-modeling at the engineering situation. The first subject was to create a virtual lighter, which is made of translucent gas tank, some resin molded parts, press-formed metal sheet, etc., with Rhino.
I have finished from scratch in 6-hrs, including the try-and-errors. If I have experienced and mastered its operations, it may be only 2-hrs.
The left image was ray-traced with POV-Ray. The motif is Pop!

What have I mastered

  • Extruding the curve
  • Layered modeling
  • Boolean operations
  • Fillet between surfaces and on solid-edge.
  • Misc. operations, such as Transfer the objects on array.
  • interior, media(scattering) statement in POV-Ray.
What should I do

Though my lighters are apparently nice, they are built with some solid and surfaces. It is only sufficient to make visual image such as CG, and is too poor to use on solid based CAE-tools. I should make model as complete solid and export that to the other CAE-tools.

The other mechanical parts